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At Bowzer House Boarding, we offer a wonderful pet boarding experience for your dog or cat. We are passionate about pets and will go the extra mile to ensure that your pet has a safe and enjoyable time with us.
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Would YOU stay at a hospital when going on vacation? No! Why not let your pets have fun too!

Why Bowzer House Boarding? We offer a wonderful experience for your dog or cat. Whether it's for DayCare or they're very own Staycation, we go the extra mile to ensure your pet has a fun time with us! Running like crazy, chasing a ball, playing in pools, and stretching out to relax ~ it's all here! Your pets deserve companionship as much you do, so bring them to Bowzer House Boarding!

About Boarding

Each day at Bowzer House we serve up healthy portions of quality dog food with lots of love, go out for exercise at least 4 times per day (weather permitting) in one of the 3 yards on our one acre facility, then end each day with a Good Night snack in clean, comfortable & private sleeping quarters. Your pets' health is important to us too and, with that in mind, we have no problem with our clients bringing their pet's own food to help care for their dietary needs and prevent stomach upset - especially since switching foods overnight can cause diarrhea. We ask that you label pre-measured baggies of food with your pet's name & provide us with feeding instructions.

Playing outdoors is great fun! With real grass, trees and LOTS of room to explore, some pets just naturally hunt for messy spots - or have fun making them! For your convenience, bathing & grooming services are available upon request ~ please see our rate information below.

Our Feline friends prefer a slightly quieter environment than their canine counterparts, so we have dedicated a section of our facility just for them. Our comfortable and private cat condos have calming music to create a more soothing environment, a climbing 'tree', and the all necessary Window Sill for gazing outside. We serve only quality cat food but we are fine with you providing your kitty's own food to help prevent stomach upset. Please label pre-measured baggies with feeding instructions & the name of your pet.

VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS ~ for any pet entering Bowzer House Boarding

In order to keep our guests happy and healthy, we require vaccinations of all who enter Bowzer House. Proof of up-to-date vaccinations from your veterinarian is required and kept on file.

DOGS [Canines]:
The following vaccinations are required once every 12 months & must be current through your pets' stay:

Rabies (individual vaccination)
Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza (usually grouped together in 1 vaccination)
Bordetella - (a/k/a kennel cough) once every year or every 6 months, depending on your vet (individual vaccination)
Corona Virus (very beneficial, but not mandatory)

Cats [Felines]:
The following vaccinations are required once every 12 months & must be current prior to and through pets' stay:

Rabies - for felines, always fatal if contracted
Feline Leukemia - required by the age of 15 weeks, then a booster & vaccine once every 12 months
Feline Calicivirus - serious respiratory infection if contracted, usually occurs w/Rhinotracheitis
Viral Rhinotracheitis - a highly contagious respiratory disease
Feline Panleukopenia - (feline distemper) most widespread disease, highly contagious

Reservations are encouraged

Single pet $28/nite
2 pets $25 each/nite **
3 or more pets $23 each/nite **
**Any pet 90 lbs & over is $28/nite, regardless of # of pets in family

"Long Term Stays"*** = any continuous stay of 15 nights or more is eligible to receive a 10% discount off the total bill. An additional 5% may be deducted when the pet's own food is provided for the duration of the stay. To receive either of these discounts: Payment in advance is required, along with a valid credit card to be kept 'on file'.

*** Pets 90 lbs & over are only eligible for the 5% discount if their own food is provided

Day Care
$18 per day per pet (owners supply their pets' food)

GROOMING RATES: * (canines only)
Basic Groom XL
  [90 lbs +] [50-89] [25-49] [1-24]
Bath & Blow Out $45 $40 $30 $15
(May add individually):        
Nail Trim & Grind $10 $10 $10 $10
Pad Shave $5 $5 $5 $5
Ear Clean $5 $5 $5 $5
Sanitary $5 $5 $5 $5
Basic Groom by Weight ~ Total:
(includes all of the above)
$70 $65 $55 $40

Full Groom  
Includes Full Body Trim OR Furminate
in addition to all of the 'Basic' services
add $10
Includes Full Body Trim AND Furminate
in addition to all of the 'Basic' services
add $15 or $20

NOTE: If dog is difficult (badly behaved/badly matted) and takes extra long to finish, an additional $10 - 20 will be charged.

Additional Services  
Nail Polish $5 [Color choices: see basket]
Teeth Clean $5
Express Anal Glands $5
** Flea Bath $15 in addition to bath charge
** Capstar $10 per capstar, if fleas found

* FLEAS - For the protection of all our guests, any canine found with even one (1) flea will be bathed immediately at the cost of a regular "bath" + $15. In addition, canines as well as felines found with even 1 flea will be given an oral flea preventative at a cost of $10 per 'dose' (as directed), and repeated 1 time if necessary.

Payment for all charges is due & payable prior to receipt of pet.
Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard & Discover accepted.

Bowzer House Boarding Duson LA

Below are forms you will need to have filled out before you bring in your pet.
Click on the forms to download and print.

Dog Boarding Bowzer House BoardingNew Client - Pet Data
Dog Boarding Bowzer House BoardingBoarding Contract
Dog Boarding Bowzer House BoardingBoarding & New Client Contract

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