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At Bowzer House Boarding, we offer a wonderful pet boarding experience for your dog or cat. We are passionate about pets and will go the extra mile to ensure that your pet has a safe and enjoyable time with us.
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Caboose F.

LuLu L.

Marilyn G., Duke M. & Lucy D.

Lucky S., Molly W. & Candy B.

Candy B & Sugar G

Gumbo L.

Prie B.

Prie B. & CoCo G.

Ziva R. & Jazz Z.

Jazz Z.

Grace H. & Maddie H.

Magpie & Soxy I.

Captor E.

June Carter M.

Meeka H..

Sadie A.

Barnes R.

Lucy K.

Allie L.

Look! Bruce R. & Kahlua M.C

Maggie P.

Miffy & Bella C.

Always time to play!

Dyson E.

Potsy F.


Tony Cachere J.

Duchess Y. - Dragonfly Catcher

Maggie & Penny S. + Jacques G.

Syren R., Short Stuff W. & Linus H.

Speed C. & Tucker M.

Sadie & Buddy C.

Murphy & Riley M.

Wesley T.

Mojo P.

Magnum H.

Tucker M. & Rosie M.

Dixie Belle & Cole L.

Scrappy L. & Kelly

Bagel J., Yogi I, Baby S. & Tallulah H.

Shiloh P.

Zeus L. catchin' his breath

Macy T. - chillin'

Megan & 'Max' B.

Speed C. & Maggie taking a breather

Bailey S attacking the Killer Braid

Come and join the Fun in "Dollyard"

Drake R. enjoying the Big Yard

Pierre H.

Buddy J. & Maddie H. playing soccer

'Annie Ruth' with Megan

Lucy B. waitin' for the ball ..

Buddy J. - goalie!

'Lady' cuddled by Alison

Angus H. ready to play!

Follow the leader with Cumo M. & Kora V.

Prie B. - "Play ball!"

Jecca S. exploring the Big Yard

Queen' Lizzy P.

Lilly in Kitty Condo heaven

Precious and Brownie wrestling

Bella, Baler, Speed & Murphy

Precious watching Zazha rolling in 'Dollyard'


Lilly Bit



Pancho's Home Away from Home

Dog Yard Love!

'Pancho' & 'Beignet' - new office help

Abbey & Brownie roaming the yard

Max & Jolie

“Tickles” & mom

Neptune & Comet exploring

'Paws' having fun

“Lucky” getting some love

Relax'n 'Luna'

Daisy F. in an outdoor 'Run'

'Pal' ready to pounce

'Caroline' at play

Interior Dog Kennels

Bowzer House Boarding Duson LA

Bowzer House Boarding

Bowzer House Boarding
1020 Lagneaux Road
Duson, LA 70529
ph: 337-504-4750 fax 337-504-4751

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Sunday - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm for
'scheduled' pick-ups & drop-offs

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